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Kirsten Southwell
North Carolina State University
Category: Mobile Design
Work title: Rehearsal: an App for Practicing Musicians
Country: United States




With a career history in public policy, Kirsten Southwell holds a vested belief in community enrichment. Her work history continues to motivate her interests in developing community collaboration. Southwell has an enthusiastic curiosity for human-centered practice, which reflects in her body of work. Her designing includes participation, both on and off of the device screen. Southwell earned her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University, and is currently working as a junior user experience designer at Second Story Interactive Studios in Portland, Oregon.

Kirsten Southwell created the application Rehearsal as a tool to steward practicing for performances, curate musical progress for reflection, and increase musical comprehension. Rehearsal is designed to accomodate both musicians who read music and those who do not. Rehearsal provides exercises that cater to these two learning styles with the hope to stimulate the musician's abilities to practice music in new ways.

Communication Objective
Southwell started this project with the question, "How can design enhance the musican's experience?" Through three two-week studies, she accumulated knowledge to inform a final product: the Rehearsal application. This application is meant to accomodate musicians who practice visually, by reading music, and also musicians who practice by ear or memory. What distinguishes this application from other existing practice applications is that Rehearsal goes beyond the expectations of a simple "e-reader" and heightens the interactivity of music without interrupting the organic nature of this process. The application has two separate portals for visual and audial learners. In between these two styles are musical exercises. These exercises are designed to connect to universal music experiences, such as improvisation and interpretation, that can improve abilities for any type of musician. The goal of the exercises is to introduce musicians to new ways of comprehending music in order to strengthen their overall understanding of their craft.

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator was used to mock up the wireframes and create all of the illustrations. Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop were used to create animations.

Adobe Tools
Flash CS4 Professional, Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4



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