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Young-Hun Lee
California Institute of the Arts
Category: Video
Work title: aRe you theRe?
Country: United States




In my animation, the main character Cuco, creates a robot and names it Teco. Teco asks Cuco, “If you made me, who made you and why?” Cuco tries to find her own creator. She finds him, but he himself does not have an answer to the question, “why?” When I was young, I used to make a lot of toys, but I didn’t always know “why” either. If someone creates something, there will always be somebody else who made that person and so on. The infinite universe to the smallest things of this world are one of the themes in my work. At the beginning of my animation, there are a lot of numbers circling around each other because I think the universe is like numbers. I believe the universe is similar to numbers in the way that there is no starting or ending point. It’s impossible for people to grasp the idea of their origins and the future because there is a limitation of our ability to imagine the infinite.

Tools used
I combined the 2D animation (hand drawing animation) with 3D animation. The first step was drawing the animation and scanning them. I finalized the computerized images before editing them with the 3D animation using Premiere and After Effects. I also used After Effects to create the motion graphics and the title sequence. The typography for the title was made using Illustrator.


Image 1 by Young-Hun Lee
Image 2 by Young-Hun Lee
Image 3 by Young-Hun Lee
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