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Vickie Fu
OCAD University
Category: Packaging
Work title: GE Lightbulbs - Redesign
Country: Canada


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Vickie Fu is a recent graduate from OCAD University, with a Bachelor of Design in graphic design. She is currently working as freelance graphic designer, executing work in packaging design and publication design, as well as working part-time as a visual art tutor. Her design education and work experience has allowed her to develop skills in print design. She has recently developed a passion for branding, editorial, and packaging design. She has a strong sense for color usage and typography, combined with expertise in all aspects of graphic design.

The lightbulb package was created using a singular substrate with minimal material. The openings allow the consumer both visual and tactile access to the product. The structure of the package protects the product through distribution channels, maintaining a cost-efficient method for distribution. The package design uses the original brand block of the product.

Communication Objective
The package is intended for fragile objects, with a reveal of contents through the use of dynamic reveals that would allow the consumer visual and tactile access to contents. The package design subsequently creates a more profound and immediate emotional connection between the brand and the target consumer.

Tools used
The project was completed using Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Tools
Illustrator CS5, Illustrator CS6

We are so proud to have such an amazing inspiration as our instructor. Much thanks to Stuart Werle for guiding us in the right direction and encouraging us to reach our full potential!


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