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Vanessa Li
Sheridan College
Category: Browser Based Design
Work title: The Real Deal
Country: Canada




Vanessa Li feels that design does so much more than just make things appear beautiful. Li believes that effective design is the dynamic force that can change minds, behaviors, and bring forth powerful and positive emotion. Effective design is Li's passion. Her goal is to consistently create successful designs and conceptually strong pieces that can produce positive change. Li craves the challenge of executing pieces differently, and loves the satisfaction of discovering new ways to solve a problem. "The Real Deal" is a personal finance site for young adults. Li chose to keep things simple, while enabling readers the power to become more financially sound. "The Real Deal" provides young people with relevant information and interactivity, bringing vitality and clarity into the realm of finance.

The Real Deal is a personal finance site for young adults that keeps things simple to keep users successful. The site is written in layman's terms, by real people with real solutions, because when it comes to money, understanding is key.

Communication Objective
Many financial websites nowadays exist to educate, but what they fail to do is to promote a change in behavior. Instead providing customized information with the understanding that money is more about emotion than it is about actual dollars and cents, the concepts are treated like an encyclopedia of terms – cold and finite. However, when it comes to their money, young adults are in need of some serious answers to a lot of serious questions. The problem is, they don’t know who to ask, where to go, or are simply too embarrassed to ask for help. And that’s where a website like The Real Deal can become a powerful force for change.

Tools used
The Adobe Creative Suite was used for the custom illustrations, photo retouching, coloring to the execution was done using Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver CS5.5.

Adobe Tools
Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection



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