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Takao Umehara
Art Center College of Design
Category: Web
Work title: Sidepanel
Country: United States




Sidepanel is an online Art Center Community that bridges the gap of communication between disciplines. It has 3 components: communication (discussion board), educational support (design archives and design competition) and editorial contents (interviews from Art Center related people).

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator helped me design an over all interface. While designing, testing many different kinds of design was very easy to create in Adobe Illustrator. One of the featured functions ‘Save as web’ decreased the time to export web graphics and exporting into Photoshop by keeping layer and text information, helped so much with the final website implementation.


Image 1 by Takao Umehara
Image 2 by Takao Umehara
Image 3 by Takao Umehara
Image 4 by Takao Umehara
Image 5 by Takao Umehara
Image 6 by Takao Umehara
Image 7 by Takao Umehara
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