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Sang Hun Heo
Hongik University
Category: Installation Design
Work title: Sandbox Ocean
Country: South Korea




Sang Hun Heo is a fourth-year student majoring in digital media design at Hongik University, where he focuses on interactive design. Born and raised in the city of Kwangju, South Korea, he is full of curiosity. As a youngster, he was captivated by compositions of form and color, and decided to pursue design. He has created numerous interactive applications using Flash actionscript, many of which have been collaborations with his classmate and creative partner, Wan Sup. In the future he is particularly interested in developing public media-art installations. He believes media art offers boundless possibilities for interactive experiences.

"Sandbox Ocean" is a multi-user interactive installation. Users collaborate in creating a dynamic and animated world by changing and shaping the topography of a sandbox. The interface is simple, intuitive and playful. The project adds a new-media dimension to the playful sandbox of our childhood. As users dig into the sand, the landscape transforms in front of their eyes. New creatures are born into new waters, and new trees grow on the newly formed lands.

Communication objective
"Sandbox Ocean" is an environment for collaborative creative play. The malleable sand interface fosters an activity that emphasizes mutual and collaborative play rather than competition. The physical interaction is intended to bring digital media back from the mediated world of the computer screen, into the realm of tangible experience.

Tools used
Adobe Flash was used to make the application software. Actionscript 3.0 promoted a more control while scripting the application. The Pixel Bender toolkit was used to create custom shaders, for efficient and fast real-time image processing. All of the graphic design was made by using Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The great integration between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash allowed for easy transition between the two applications.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop



Image 1 by Sang Hun Heo
Image 2 by Sang Hun Heo
Image 3 by Sang Hun Heo
Image 4 by Sang Hun Heo
Image 5 by Sang Hun Heo
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