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Sanghee Chu
Hongik University
Category: Game Art and Development
Work title: Welcome to Korean Onomatopoeias & Mimetic Words
Country: Korea




Sanghee Chu was born in Gwangju, South Korea. Chu became interested in being an artist while attending Gwangju Art High School, daily enjoying a variety of art activities. She majored in Digital Media Design at Hongik University, and she achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Information Design. After graduation, Chu prepared for her English exam and portfolio since she had longed to eventually extend her study to the United States. Chu feels that design should be emotional, so that it can touch users. Moreover, she strongly believes that powerful design, can make positive changes to this world.

Welcome to Korean Onomatopoeias & Mimetic Words' is an iPad app for foreigners who learn Hangeul. Users can learn o nomatopoeias and mimetic words more effectively, by taking advantage of sounds and animations which characterize each word. Users can apply onomatopoeias and mimetic words in practice, by making word cards and by using their own photos and example sentences.

Communication Objective
Welcome to Korean Onomatopoeias & Mimetic words' is intended to help foreigners learn onomatopoeias and mimetic words in Hangeul via interactive experiences. Hangeul has onomatopoeias and mimetic words, that represent delicate sensibility specific to Koreans. This app is designed to help foreigners learn Korean onomatopoeias and mimetic words, via interactive experiences. Using a metaphor of the blackboard, users write, erase, and learn. The design concept is an analog atmosphere. The app helps users to enjoy the learning of onomatopoeias and mimetic words in Hangeul, through a wide range of content, and demonstrates the excellence of Hangeul.

Tools used
Photoshop CS5 for effects. Illustrator CS5 to draw characters of Korean word cards. Characters are able to become dynamic, through use of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. After Effects CS5 for the concept demo video.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended

We are very glad to be selected as finalists! We think that the ADAA award is a very high honors, and a high point in our life. We will never forget this amazing experience!



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Image 2 by Sanghee Chu
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