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Sabatino Masala
Howest (Hogeschool West Vlaanderen) / Kortrijk
Category: Information Design
Work title: Charcoal's Taste Explorer
Country: Belgium




Sabatino Masala has a big passion for development. Masala began developing Flash games at the age of thirteen, and since then, has continued to improve upon his skills and broaden his field of knowledge. Currently, Masala is studying Devine (Digital Design and Development) at Howest University, West-Flanders. Masala's dream job would be to have his own company, able to deliver a broad variety of content, ranging from mobile games, to creative online campaigns. Going forward, Masala will continue to strive to realize his dream of eventually having his own company.

A burgerbrand wants their customers to make a new burger flavor, in an interactive way. Charcoal's Taste Explorer is a native iOs application with a responsive website, and a motion graphic. With the iPhone application, users can compose a burger through foodpairing. The website shows all the burgers, explains the concept, analyzes the users' tastes, and makes suggestions for burgers that can be voted on.

Communication Objective
As a native iPhone application, a responsive website, and a motion graphic. The app makes the process of burger-assembly very attractive and intuitive. Users can compose their burger in a colorful and dynamic way. Once saved, the burger goes into the gallery on the website. The website analyzes taste, through basic personality tests, and makes suggestions of which burgers would best match the taste of the user. Then, the burger with the most votes, wins!

Tools used
Illustrator to make most of graphics and composition for web. Photoshop to optimize and adjust graphics for web and app. After Affects to make the motion graphic. FlashBuilder to make Internet Explorer animation fallbacks. Edge Code for web coding.

Adobe Tools
After Effects CS6, Creative Suite 6 Master Collection, Flash Builder 4.7, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CC

We would like to thank our teachers for supporting and pushing us further and giving us.



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