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Ryo Kitabatake
Pasadena City College
Category: Motion Graphics
Work title: me, me, me.
Country: United States




Ryo Kitabatake is an aspiring graphic designer, specializing in motion design. He has been deeply influenced by northern European contemporary designs and Japanese traditional arts. His conviction in his design work has never changed. He believes that design must be a medium, in which to convey an intended message; yet, it should also have a controlled obscurity, in order to intrigue and engage the audience.

This motion piece is a triptych self-description of the artist. Each letter depicts things that define and influence the artist's aesthetics. 'R' represents a foggy morning in late autumn. 'Y' represents books regarding design and art. 'O' represents electronic music.

Communication Objective
The objective of this motion piece is to illustrate the personality of the artist, by using three subject matters, and a graphic style. The graphic style represents humbleness, mixed and inner passion. In the 'R' scene, there is an expression of calm air, in a foggy autumn morning. 'Y' scene describes a deep interest in books, including their physical presence. In the 'O' scene, the artist used electronic music, developed with simple or complex repetition.

Tools used
Illustrator and Photoshop to make the graphic elements, and After Effects to composite. Some elements were made with Cinema 4D. Sequential files exported from After Effects, previewed and rendered with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6 Extended

I would like to thank you to my professor for giving me a lot of thoughtful advice!



Image 1 by Ryo Kitabatake
Image 2 by Ryo Kitabatake
Image 3 by Ryo Kitabatake
Image 4 by Ryo Kitabatake
Image 5 by Ryo Kitabatake
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