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Richelle Rogers
York University/Sheridan College Joint Program
Category: Packaging
Work title: Kreature Klips
Country: Canada


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Richelle Rogers grew up in the small town of Dundas, Ontario, Canada. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Design Honors degree while attending York University/Sheridan College. Rogers believes that through the discipline of daily exercise, she is able to open her mind towards further creative possibilities. Eventually, Richelle hopes to travel the world, own a small design firm, and continue her education.

Kreature Klips are designed for a target audience of young children, 8-12 years of age. The concept and the brand itself was derived from the unique shape of the hair clip, and its resemblance to teeth. This association inspired the formation of the monster figures and a play on the letterform ‘k’, and the creation of this unique brand. Through a simplistic design approach, the monster figures and brand are intended to be playful and lighthearted.

Communication Objective
The package design currently used for hair clips is wasteful and environmentally damaging. In order to create a revolutionary design, the product contained must be viewed in a unique way, singling itself out as a brand. Kreature Klips intends to tackle this problem through a distinctive principle of creativity, which appeals to the target audience. In comparison to current hair clip packaging, Kreature Klips stands out through design care and environmental consideration. The product holds dual purposes; the package for the hair clips is made from magnetic material with a venial finish. The consumer can use the hair clip, and use the package as a magnet to display work on their refrigerator or magnetic board. The package itself varies in size, colour, and style depending on the clip it contains.

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were used for all graphic elements. The Brush Tool in Illustrator was used to create the specific typeface for the brand. The colors of the ‘monster’ figures were then refined in Adobe Photoshop by using the Sharpen, Dodge, and Burn Tools.

Adobe Tools
Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection


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