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Richard Chang
California College of Arts and Crafts
Category: Experimental Design
Work title: HOME=HARVEY
Country: United States


Image 1 by Richard Chang
Image 2 by Richard Chang
Image 3 by Richard Chang
Image 4 by Richard Chang
Image 5 by Richard Chang
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This project came out as a final project focusing on the difference between the East and the West. A hybrid between two cultures; as a modern day cowboy I roam the misty nights of San Francisco (Hunters Point) to adapt in a new environment (recreational vehicle campsite), recalling my memories of “family”. Home away from Harvey. Harvey, a heavy machinery driver I meet during my investigation of the site. The importance of a family being only 2 miles away. Family memories now within 2 feet, I view the picture frames as a void, a story unfolded – a special new meaning of home. Through the layers of information, I create a hybridization between my culture and Harvey’s.

Tools used
This project was produced using the tools within Photoshop® and Illustrator®. I used Illustrator to create a hybrid within the letterforms and text, and Photoshop to create a collage of images and text, merging as one message. A conversation between the viewer and the picture frames, the layer filter in Photoshop’s layer options was used to create a soft transition between cultures and also to create a “silkscreen” touch, of overlaying and overprinting. Photoshop gave me an opportunity to create a rhythm, and code within the parameters of the frames.

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