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Rainer Bez
Stuttgart Media University
Category: Editing and Post Production
Work title: Fortune Faded
Country: Germany




Rainer Bez (M.A.) studied Audiovisual Media at the Stuttgart Media University until 2013. His first student film was the award winning clay animation short “The Songwriter’s Shack”. He now lives in southern Germany and works as a photographer for the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. His video and photo projects are often inspired by current camera technologies and post-production applications. Hobbies: hot cars + cool music.

Fortune Faded describes a journey, through suspended moments. The journey illustrates a story of a fateful concatenation, that ends in fire and ashes.

Communication Objective
This was the first film project, by students of the Stuttgart Media University. The goal was to create an outstanding visual motion picture, combined with an intense emotional core. The team intended to tell a story in a unique way, not usually seen. The team was inspired by Adam Bergs' 'freeze technique', which became a perfect match for the twisted and fatalistic story.

Tools used
Editing, Visual Effects, Retiming, Sounddesign, Cleanups, Compositing, Design.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS4, After Effects CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Photoshop CC

To all our friends and families, thank you for your support!



Image 1 by Rainer Bez
Image 2 by Rainer Bez
Image 3 by Rainer Bez
Image 4 by Rainer Bez
Image 5 by Rainer Bez
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