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Paul Hoppe
Art Center College of Design
Category: Installation Design
Work title: Echo: The Fragility of Moments Suspended in Time
Country: United States




Paul Hoppe is a multi-disciplinary designer from Los Angeles, California. He recently graduated with distinction from Art Center College of Design having earned a BFA in Graphic Design, and also holds a BA in Fine Art from Azusa Pacific University. With his emphasis on Transmedia Design, he combines equal parts from print, motion, and interaction design, to explore the future of media for spaces and experiences. He is most interested in design that happens at the intersection of visual storytelling, conceptual thinking, and emerging technology.

ECHO is an interactive installation and book, that examines the correlations between history and neuroscience through The White City on Echo Mountain. The book includes historical documents, scientific articles, typographic provocations, and on-location photography. The installation consists of an interactive table that uses object tracking to navigate the chapters of the book. An inverted mountain floats above the table and is projected with animations based on the content being viewed.

Communication Objective
Memory is a strange thing. Contemporary neuroscience tells us that when we remember something we are chemically recreating that experience in our brains, yet slightly changing the memory every time we remember it. Echoes act in a similar way. A sound goes out from its source, then echoes back. The sound becomes changed during its journey. Even the design process involves shaping content to tell a story, and ultimately, changing that content. ECHO explores these ideas through the design of an installation and book about The White City on Echo Mountain. It was built in the late 1890s by eccentric billionaire Thaddeus Lowe and consisted of a funicular railway up the steep mountain face to a hotel, observatory, power station, and zoo. It was visited by more than 3 million people before burning to the ground leaving only ruins. This project tells a multi-dimensional story through print and spatial interaction, allowing us to contemplate the distortion of memory.

Tools used
InDesign was used for all of the book layout. Photoshop was used for the editing and refinement of the photography. Illustrator was used for vector graphics and type illustration. AfterEffects was used to animate type and image content.

Adobe Tools
After Effects CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended

Thanks go to my mentors on this project Brad Bartlett and Miles Mazzie, to the founding members of the Transmedia Village, and to my constantly supportive wife, Alyssa.



Image 1 by Paul Hoppe
Image 2 by Paul Hoppe
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