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Nicolas Huguet
Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambresis
Category: Editing and Post Production
Work title: LUEUR
Country: France




In the beginning of his education, Nicolas HUGUET was interested in sound editing, but he took interest in video while at the university. Nicolas took an active interest in motion design and particularly in After Effects. That said, Nicolas followed Benjamin and Julien in shooting short movies. He realized how agile he was with the camera and he started getting better and better.
From behind the camera, Huguet is the link between the lens and the building of the frame. Nicolas is on a training period internship at Mikros Image. He has many skills now, and currently produces video clips for a music band.

When 18H rings, the end of Valentine’s Day begins. A long road awaits him, both on his way home and in his head. Malaise, questions, incompatibility with its surroundings make it an be disillusioned. Yet he finds the strength to continue tirelessly …

Communication Objective
On the theme "being a fan", we wanted to further differentiate ourselves through our interpretion of the subject. Thinking of the idea that being a fan can mean to be passionate about a person, we decided to show passion through the eyes of an insecure man.
Simple story and simple special effects, these two points required a real connection. We shot a short film in color and then turned in black and white. We wanted to give the man’s world a monotonous and monochrome appearance, illuminating only at the very end. The goal was for the story and the special effects to be related, and to complement each other.

Tools used
Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, Creative Suite 6 Master Collection

Julien, Benjamin and Nicolas want to thank all their families and friends who believed in them.



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