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Minjeong Kim
Kookmin University
Category: Installation Design
Work title: Designer's light (Subtitle: We are never turned off)
Country: Korea


Image 1 by Minjeong Kim
Image 2 by Minjeong Kim
Image 3 by Minjeong Kim
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Image 5 by Minjeong Kim
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Minjeong Kim is majoring in Visual Communication Design at Kookmin University in South Korea. She is also working in YG entertainment as a graphic designer, and interested in idol stars and mass media.

Song installed changeable word modules which represent an image of the college of design. Song turned on the lights at midnight for two weeks, then watched how they were changed by students. A few days later, the words were redesigned by students and Song took photos to document them.

Communication Objective
The inspiration for Designer's Light came from noticing how unextinguished lights, could be a feature and a symbol. Abandoned fluorescent lights, that were used for illuminating art, could be shown in a new context. Students who were using lights temporarily, did not always take care of them. Song decided to install lights where students could see them and be inspired to create meaningful words under the lights.

Tools used
All module systems were designed with Adobe Illustrator. All photographs were retouched with Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Tools
Acrobat 9 Pro, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Photoshop CS6

Thank you to our amazing professor Namoo Kim for pushing us! Thank you to our team, Wooksang, Chunsung, and Minjeong!


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