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Min Gyo Chung
OCAD University
Category: Illustration
Work title: Ethnomöbius: The Paradox of Culture
Country: Canada


Image 1 by Min Gyo Chung
Image 2 by Min Gyo Chung
Image 3 by Min Gyo Chung
Image 4 by Min Gyo Chung
Image 5 by Min Gyo Chung
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Min Gyo Chung is a Toronto-based illustrator with a focus in conceptual illustration pertaining to anthropology, historicity and cultural studies. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Design (BDes) in the Illustration program at OCAD University. His work has been recognized by publications such as the American Illustration, 3x3, Creative Quarterly and CMYK.

Ethnomöbius: The Paradox of Culture compares eastern cultural practices, which may be viewed as eccentric or extreme, to western conventions by illustrating their uncanny visual similarities.

Communication Objective
Ethnomöbius: The Paradox of Culture is a thesis project, intended to present a unique perspective on culture, to stimulate a critical dialogue and interest in cultural studies, and to offer a reexamination of some of the deeply held ethnocentric views of the western society. Identifying culture as a paradox, explores how one culture can be vastly different, yet, simultaneously, be similar to another. The concept focuses on the visual similarities between Eastern and Western cultural practices, to bridge and explore further theoretical comparisons. The comparisons encompass themes of death, redemption, legacy, empowerment, and ethical hedonism.

Tools used
Adobe Photoshop CS6 to produce illustrations. Preliminary sketches were drawn directly in Photoshop on multiple layers, using a tablet. Hand-drawn elements and textures were scanned into Photoshop, and integrated back into the images.

Adobe Tools
Photoshop CS6


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