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Michael Minard
Columbia University
Category: Editing and Post Production
Work title: Columbia University Film Festival Trailer 2013
Country: United States




Michael Minard is a second-generation filmmaker attending Columbia University’s world renowned graduate film program. Alongside his producer, Meg Wechter and post-production supervisor, Eduardo Cohn, Michael wrote and directed Soundstage 116 that was selected as the 2013 Columbia Film Festival’s trailer. The trailer was featured in the festival as well as the year’s “Best of Columbia” DVD that was distributed throughout the film and TV industry. A former undefeated Golden Gloves boxer, you can find him in his free time, working the heavy-bag. And when Michael is not accumulating black eyes, he's enjoying everything New York City has to offer.

This is the trailer for the Columbia University Film Festival of 2013. It is a piece reminiscent of old school Hollywood Filmmaking that speaks for itself.

Communication Objective
The objective was to introduce the Columbia Film Festival to the public.

Tools used
Adobe Premiere: Editing. The connection between Premiere and After Effects was essential as we shot on the F3 with a gemini recorder in DPX format. No other NLE can use that workflow. Adobe After Effects: AE was essential to create the effects for such an effect heavy production.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CC

We would like to thank Columbia University’s faculty and students for giving us the opportunity to make this trailer!



Image 1 by Michael Minard
Image 2 by Michael Minard
Image 3 by Michael Minard
Image 4 by Michael Minard
Image 5 by Michael Minard
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