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Meghan Bacso
York University/Sheridan College
Category: Packaging
Work title: Ecobottoms Cloth Diapers
Country: Canada


Image 1 by Meghan Bacso
Image 2 by Meghan Bacso
Image 3 by Meghan Bacso
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Image 5 by Meghan Bacso
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Meghan Bacso is a Canadian design student, in pursuit of her degree from the York/Sheridan Program of Design in Toronto. Thus far, Bacso focused more on print design. However, recently she has become interested in digital design. Bacso spent her summer interning at B-Reel, a digital design and production studio in New York City. She loves creating simple, clean solutions to design problems, and is always striving towards pixel-perfect designs.

Ecobottoms is a fictional brand of cloth diaper products. Each of three different cloth diaper products, including diapers, diaper liners, and cotton wipes, are packaged into square carboard boxes, using colored labels to differentiate the three product types.

Communication Objective
Reusable cloth baby diapers become even more sustainable, by giving the package a second use, as a building block. After the diaper is removed from the package, a flap inside the box covers the display window, to create a building block elegant enough to be used for decorative purposes yet durable enough for child's play. The block can be personalized with a photo, as the converted display window acts as a picture frame. This concept encourages the consumer to collect sets of boxes, creating brand loyalty.

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator for text and graphics. Adobe Illustrator for the cardboard flat. Adobe Photoshop for photos of design.

Adobe Tools
Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS5 Extended

Thank you to my professor, Zab Hobart, for not letting me overlook a simple scribble of a wave in my sketchbook that grew into this design.


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