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Mark Bunch
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Category: Digital Media
Work title: You Are Here!
Country: United States




The college hired our student team to design a piece for students, prospective students interested in art and design colleges. MCAD attracts a lot of students from all over the world, but we compete with other colleges for location. The concept for the book is that Minneapolis is a city in the midwest, and has some of the qualities you’d expect: stereotypes like cows grazing on the outskirts, Scandinavian culture, etc. At the same time, the city defies its image with a surprising cultural life that is international and diverse. (See the animation introduction of the DVD). The seasons are another focus of the piece-—to assuage fears of the winter; we wanted to convey that seasons are fun, even winter (see the Seasons section). Whether you want a city that is large and culture-based, or a smaller place that won’t throw off kids from more rural backgrounds, Minneapolis is both places. This piece was designed and produced entirely by students for students. MCAD funded its professional publication.

Tools used
The DVD was completely produced in Adobe products. The animation used a lot of Photoshop® and was imported into After Effects® for equalizing, cropping and looping the music. The motion component was fully created in Photoshop and imported into After Effects for animating. All the video was digitized and edited using Premiere and then imported into After Effects for color manipulation. Sound was digitized and imported into After Effects for further manipulation, looping, and cropping. The DVD label was fully actualized with Illustrator and the envelope with Photoshop and Illustrator®.


Image 1 by Mark Bunch
Image 2 by Mark Bunch
Image 3 by Mark Bunch
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