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Kiki Katahira
School of Visual Arts
Category: Digital Media
Work title: 98.6 F/ 36.6 C website
Country: United States


Image 1 by Kiki Katahira
Image 2 by Kiki Katahira
Image 3 by Kiki Katahira
Image 4 by Kiki Katahira
Image 5 by Kiki Katahira
Image 6 by Kiki Katahira
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This website was intended to document the Student’s annual show of the MFA Design class of 2003 in the Internal Museum class. The site creates a virtual tour of the exhibit for the people who couldn’t see the show. The site visualizes the original concept of the show and its promotional items. This year’s show had the “body” as a theme and “98.6 F/ 36.6 C” as a title of the exhibit, which is temperature of the Human Body both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. From here comes the concept of the promotional items: The body is embracing the egg in different delicate positions to give it its temperature. The egg is broken in the final poster announcing the opening of the event. Human feet marks are shown walking away from the egg.

Tools used
All the design part was created in Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop®. The images were cropped in Photoshop and then given a duotone effect, then were saved for the web. An actual 3D model was shot [lbrack /]model of the space of the gallery[rbrack /], then the photo was imported to Illustrator and the actual 3D space was created in vectors, tracing the image and using the transparency option. The type and the rest of the layout was done in Illustrator. Roll overs and animated steps were also created in Illustrator. The image with the broken egg is a Photoshop manipulated image. The image was originally used with a non-broken egg. Then the broken egg photo was taken separately and added to the original image.


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