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Katarina Batina
University of Washington
Category: Digital Publishing
Work title: Objektiv
Country: United States




Katarina Batina is a recent graduate from the University of Washington with degrees in Visual Communication Design, Political Science, and Eastern European Studies. She has a diverse set of interests including design, research, writing, spring kayaking, Balkan music, and film; none of which seem to related to one another, and yet all have contributed to her work in one way or another. As a dual citizen of the United States and Croatia, she feels lucky to call two places home. Growing up within a convergence of these two cultures, has greatly contributed her approach to the design process.

Objektiv is a bi-lingual printed and digital publication, that provides a quarterly review of creative contemporary culture of the Balkans. Each edition speaks to a culturaly relevant theme. This inaugural issue tells the stories of the agitators within the creative community, like artists, designers, musicians, and filmmakers. The agitators are the ones who continue to redefine and challenge the notion, of what it means to be Balkan.

Communication Objective
The term Balkan serves as the catch-all term for the region of the Former Yugoslava, in the wake of war of the 1990s. It means something different depending on whom you talk to; some embrace its qualities, while others fervently deny any association. To those who live in the region, the Balkans represent, in varying degrees, a cultural space or shared language and history. To the rest of the world it represents a space of multi-ethnic conflicts that never seem to end, despite treaties, resolutions, and a bloody war. Unfortunately, the Balkans are rarely associated with culturally significant art. The publication is an effort to shed light on the thriving, creative region, into a new identity of contemporary collaboration. The title of the publication was inspired by the dual translation of Objektiv in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages.

Tools used
Adobe InDesign and the Digital Publishing Suite allowed me to bring my project to life. Photoshop and Illustrator were also used for editing photography and graphic elements.

Adobe Tools
Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6, Photoshop CS5 Extended



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