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Julia Staples
Parsons The New School for Design
Category: Photography
Work title: Never Odd or Even
Country: United States


Image 1 by Julia Staples
Image 2 by Julia Staples
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I am interested in the way that people look at landscape photography. It is often pristine, untouched, humbling, and beautiful. I am taking photographs of details within the landscape and making them perfect by cutting them in half and using half to flip back on itself. Although at first it is not obvious what is going on, after looking, one can tell that they are too perfect. This is a reflection on the way that we look at landscape as being perfect and pristine. We do not often look at the land around us—the everyday natural beauty. As a photographer, I have the privilege of being able to point out the beauty in the land. I have photographed more everyday objects because there is a great amount to be seen in what surrounds us on a daily basis. The reason they are flipped is to make people actually question the beauty that is normally presented to them in landscape art. Landscape is always presented as perfect. My work is presented as the ultimate perfection of landscape. It is completely organized, symmetrical, and flawless. While they are aesthetically beautiful, I am asking the viewer to question the idea of landscape and how we look at our surroundings.

Tools used
First I scanned in color negatives to make a digital file. Once I brought the file into Photoshop®, I used the brightness/contrast, levels, color balance and selective color tools to achieve the look that I wanted the photographs to take on. I then used the cloning stamp to get rid of dust, spots, and any marks that were not a part of the image. Using the crop tool, I cut the image in half. Using the marquee tool I selected the remaining image and copied it. I then flipped the new layer so it was a reflection of the first layer and copied the two on a new file. Once they were together, I used the clone stamp in order to make them seem less obvious. In some cases I even cut out the landscape and left the sky so I could make the object in the landscape perfectly symmetrical while keeping the sky like it had been originally.

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