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Jian-Hao Syu
Ming Chuan University
Category: Print Communications
Work title: Live Happily, Design Happily
Country: Taiwan


Image 1 by Jian-Hao Syu
Image 2 by Jian-Hao Syu
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Created by a team of graduate students, the project serves to remind the next generation of designers to enjoy the challenges of great design. The team is optimistic and always challenges new styles. The team is composed of group members who have varied areas of expertise, which allowed for a highly creative and joyful atmosphere of collaboration.

Live Happily, Design Happily is our spirit. We yearn to create good design, which will makes people feel happy and fulfilled. The designer is most happy when creating. In the poster design, we package graduate students into individual packages; using happy design as a new generation of dolls and a selling point for marketing.

Communication Objective
As a main visual and promotional merchandise in Ming Chuan University Department of Commercial Design's graduation exhibition, we hope to convey Design Happily as an attitude. The concept speaks to a new generation of design talent. We are reminded that our happiness relies upon the passion that we put into our designs, and can move into positive change. Great design includes an up-and-down process, but after the suffering, we live more happily and more fulfilled.

Tools used
Lightroom and Photoshop to adjust details of photos. Illustrator and Photoshop for creating the poster.

Adobe Tools
Illustrator CS5, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Lightroom 5

Thank you to our amazing professor, "CHIEN-HUA,LIN" for pushing us.


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