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Henrique Barone
Vancouver Film School
Category: Animation
Work title: TOUGH WEST
Country: Canada




While studying Visual Design in UNESP in Brazil, Henrique Barone started attending the AnimaMundi Animation Festival, which inspired him to do independent shorts. Animation quickly turned into his passion and professional choice.
After having fun with two independent shorts, his first professional animation experience was as the Flash Character Animator in the series Fishtronaut. Later, he created and directed the series Herbie & Gadgety, which was selected for AnimaTV (a Brazilian public contest for new series), and the pilot was broadcast in TV Cultura. Henrique also directed and produced Anibal, The Manager, a 12-episode web-series, shown weekly on Canal Rh, a web-portal regarding business and career.
In 2011, expanding his skills yet further still, he studied Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School, where he created and directed THIS IDEA IS NOT WORKING and TOUGH WEST.

In the's all about the decisions you make… And, if there is a choice to be the chicken... then, there is also a chance to become…the hero

Communication Objective
TOUGH WEST explores the vast possibilities that lie within every decision that we make, and the different personalities that reside within all of us.

Tools used
Background, character design and character animation were done in Adobe Flash. Composition and FX were done in After Effects.

Adobe Tools
After Effects CS5, Flash Professional CS5

I'd like to thank all the amazing VFS Classical Animation crew especially Moose Pagan, Dieter Mueller, Andy Bartlett, Marv Newland, Jim Inkster, Marisa Smit and Carlo Solanoy. Also Jonathan Bonder and Luis Orlando Ruiz, who put their Sound Design talent in TOUGH WEST and Ron Selmour, who puts his incredible voice to the words I write, bringing the short to a level I would never imagine to be possible! Thanks for Fernanda Ribeiro, who is always with me, and thanks to my family, who are always close, although they are far. :)



Image 1 by Henrique Barone
Image 2 by Henrique Barone
Image 3 by Henrique Barone
Image 4 by Henrique Barone
Image 5 by Henrique Barone
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