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Hector Herrera
Ontario College of Art and Design
Category: Innovation in Motion and Video in Education
Work title: Typesetter Blues
Country: Canada




Hector Herrera is a creative director and animator, living and working in Ontario, Canada. Herrera has headed-up design teams of several award-winning studios, including Cuppa Coffee Animation, The Studio Upstairs and Trace Pictures. Herrera is currently freelancing as a creative director, designer and animator. With over ten years of experience in broadcast design, Herrera has created work for a diverse range of clients that include Cartoon Network, SpikeTV, BBC, CTV and David Cronenberg, as well as advertising agencies such as JWT, Ogilvy and FBC. His work has been showcased in several design publications, such as Stash, Design In Motion, Applied Arts and Boards magazines. Herrera's body of work has garnered several BDA gold, silver and bronze awards. He is also an instructor in the Illustration program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he instructs digital mixed media illustration techniques. His instruction includes a course called, 'Animated Illustration', for which he developed the syllabus. More of his work can be viewed at:

Typesetter Blues is written in the English nonsense poetry tradition of Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, and Ogden Nash, putting a humorous spin on realistic situations and imbuing them with emotion and energy. Also influenced by the wry tones of Robert Service and Shel Silverstein, Typesetter Blues is a carefully crafted piece, paying attention to story, image and sound.

Communication Objective
By using digital tabletop style animation the piece translates illustration elements into moving images bypassing the complex cel animation process. This is very useful when taught to illustration students and showing them another possibility for their artwork to expand.

Tools used
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create all artwork. The artwork was then imported into After Effects and animated.

Adobe Tools
After Effects CS5, Bridge CS5, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended



Image 1 by Hector Herrera
Image 2 by Hector Herrera
Image 3 by Hector Herrera
Image 4 by Hector Herrera
Image 5 by Hector Herrera
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