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Edyta Dufaj
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
Category: Photography
Work title: beginning of the end
Country: Poland


Image 1 by Edyta Dufaj
Image 2 by Edyta Dufaj
Image 3 by Edyta Dufaj
Image 4 by Edyta Dufaj
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"When we sort consciously, we say that we interpret, and when we sort unconsciously, we say that we see." Projection immediacy and suggestiveness of of photography pose a temptation to believe that what we see, gives us an unmediated, objectified reality. But a photograph can not confirm nor deny reality. The categories of truth and falsehood are not applicable in this context. The realistic effect of the photo is commonly noticed; however, the possibilities which seem most interesting are those lying in the realist convention, which eventually lead to the consequences of the recipient rejecting the objective reality. So how do we read photography? / images Edith Dufaj Her paintings exist in a certain state of displacement in relation to reality, "between pure objectivity and ethereal dream." The potency of these images undoubtedly lies in the ability to make real and present what lies beyond the image, something that may be nonexistent and the image itself only depicts. An Image may open a path to that which is not named and insightful. We have to deal not with the reflection of the same subject or entity, imitating him, mapping, but rather with its emanation. Alternately we succumb to the illusion that we are looking at photos of real objects, only to recognize that what is in the picture is only a model of reality PhD Agata Pankiewicz - Academy of Fine Arts

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