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David Prosser
Royal College of Art
Category: Animation
Work title: Matter Fisher
Country: United Kingdom




Inspired by his grandma's cake decorating, and coupled with lengthy train rides to Cornwall, David Prosser went on to study illustration at Norwich School of Art and Design. Drawing and sketchbooks had always been fundamental to him when working on narrative, usually manifesting themselves in his sketchbooks. Animation became an apparent choice of working throughout David's final year, a way of expanding the limitations of the page. While continuing studies in the animation department of the Royal College of Art, David worked on an internship with Studio aka, and has recently joined their team as a Director and Designer.

2D and 3D animation

Communication objective
A serendipitous trawl, in which a lone fisherman becomes unified with an estranged piece of matter.... Matter fisher is a tale of drifting, the impossible and absurd; A narrative that redefines how liquid matter and solid masses relate or respond to one another. The animation touches on the premises of gravity, estrangement, subtly evoking loneliness. Yet the narration offers the playful solution of a new and unique existence, all through the means of drawing.

Tools used
Everything was entirely created with Adobe products. The second animation was made using the animation time line and software, built into Photoshop. Then the animation was exported into After Effects for compositing. All of the 3D elements within the film, were created entirely using After Effects. The lighting plugins were also used to bring the exteriors and interiors to life.


Image 1 by David Prosser
Image 2 by David Prosser
Image 3 by David Prosser
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