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Bo Robert Ek
Royal College of Art
Category: Illustration
Work title: Travelogue
Country: United Kingdom


Image 1 by Bo Robert Ek
Image 2 by Bo Robert Ek
Image 3 by Bo Robert Ek
Image 4 by Bo Robert Ek
Image 5 by Bo Robert Ek
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After traveling to distant lands, Ek realized that his imagination could provide an excellent substitute for an expensive, and possibly disappointing, trip. In his work, he tries to take advantage of a journey’s finest aspect: the dream of the journey.

After travelling to distant lands I realize that my imagination can provide an excellent substitute for an otherwise disappointing and expensive trip. The travelogue series take advantage of a journey's finest aspect; the dream of it.

Communication Objective
Can a technical level of abstraction in draiwings evoke lost memories of paradise?

Tools used
Hundred of images where traced, creating a collage in lines. Thereafter, the image was painted and filled with techical pattern textures.

Adobe Tools
Illustrator CS5

Thank you to my cat, Hamlet, for puzzling me.


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