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Benjamin Lee
Art Center College of Design
Category: Print Communications
Work title: Shakespeare Festival
Country: United States


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Benjamin Lee was born and raised in Southern California. After earning a double-BA in English Literature and Theology, he realized the power of visual storytelling. He set his eyes on Art Center College of Design, where he has studied for the past three years, in pursuit of his BFA in Graphic Design. His relationships with incredible peers and instructors alike, have contributed to his growing love for design thinking and education.

Shakespeare Festival is an identity design and collateral project, for the long-celebrated Shakespeare Festival. Each summer, the festival is held at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park, California. The identity includes logotype design, poster promotional materials, printed matter, speculative wayfinding, signage, and web design.

Communication Objective
Drawing inspiration from the passion of Shakespearean drama, hand-painted typography was used for play titles and for the Festival. There was a special emphasis in fusing "low" and "high" means of communication, in order to visually capture the means by which Shakespeare's relevance has sustained the continuum of several centuries. Shakespearean festivals endure around the globe, because of the universal humanistic emotions and social commentary. Found photography was used and repurposed, with violent painted interventions. The visual language is carried throughout the promotional material, printed matter, and an adventurous website design.

Tools used
Illustrator and Photoshop were all used in conjunction with the design. InDesign was used for all printed matter, grids, posters and production.

Adobe Tools
Creative Suite 5 Design Standard, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Photoshop CS5

I would be neither the person, the designer, nor the student I am, without my mentor Brad Bartlett. He has revolutionized my perspective on design and its infinite engagement with each day. I also have to thank my parents who have always been the most unconditional support for my often-crazy dreams and aspirations.


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