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Ashton Taylor
Academy of Art College
Category: Illustration
Work title: Wrath, Envy, Pride, Lust, Greed
Country: United States


Image 1 by Ashton Taylor
Image 2 by Ashton Taylor
Image 3 by Ashton Taylor
Image 4 by Ashton Taylor
Image 5 by Ashton Taylor
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This project is a series of print illustrations examining the sins of lust, pride, envy, wrath and greed. My goal was to be able to convey the power and emotion of the sin itself, using mostly abstract shapes and forms to define the meaning.

Tools used
Lightwave was used to model some of the initial 3D forms and shapes. A small amount of digital photography and typography has also been incorporated into some of these pieces. These are then taken into Photoshop® where I manipulate the shape, lighting, and color schemes, of the images. About 95% of the work is done in Photoshop. Each image is 9” x 22.5” at 300 dpi, which produces an extremely memory intensive file. I have found Photoshop to be the most powerful and intuitive application I have used. It is really the only program I have used that is limited only by the artist's imagination.

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