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Andrej Balaz
University of the Arts Bremen
Category: Motion Graphics
Work title: Circus of Imagination
Country: Germany




Andrej Balaz is currently in his first year of the post-graduate program of Digital Media, at the University of Arts, Bremen (HFK Bremen), Germany. As a graduate of the University of the Arts Bremen, Balaz focuses on UI, UX and visual design for human-machine interfaces, ranging from mobile applications to ambitious and large-scale multi-touch projects. To compliment his passion for the interactive arena, he is constantly experimenting with digital art, illustration and motion graphics. Balaz is immersed in the conceptual process for his master thesis, and continues to experiment in new practical and theoretical fields. Balaz is always looking for new opportunities in both art and design.

When we walk the streets, open our magazines, follow the flow of radio and television and when we navigate through the vastness of the internet, we are spectators of an incredible parade of design and imagination. Meanwhile the division between the actor and the audience is becoming blurry, anyone can be the star of the next show, nothing seems impossible in the world of digital acrobatics. The stage is free for the creative and the brave! Welcome to the circus!

Communication Objective
Created originally for the Adobe Imagination Challenge in November 2011, the objective was to delve into the different worlds of media, such as television, print, radio and web in order to express our mutual excitement about working in the creative industry. Following the metaphor of a circus we developed original characters representing each media realm, such as TV-giraffes, ad-acrobats and the group's favorite, the radio-strongman. Mixing mostly original material and by applying techniques like collaging, photomanipulation and traditional painting, they created a short, but detailed animation intro.

Tools used
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create the footage, which was animated in Adobe After Effects. Sound was edited using Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Media Player, After Effects CS5, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended, Premiere Pro CS5



Image 1 by Andrej Balaz
Image 2 by Andrej Balaz
Image 3 by Andrej Balaz
Image 4 by Andrej Balaz
Image 5 by Andrej Balaz
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