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Ana Stefaniak
Royal College of Art
Category: Animation
Work title: The Thing Under the Tree
Country: United Kingdom




Ana Stefaniak works in modelmaking. She was born and raised in Poznan, Poland, until she decided to pursue her fascination in film and art, and moved to England to study Animation. Stefaniak earned her Bachelor's Degree in Animation at the University For The Creative Arts in Maidstone. She is currently working through the master course, at the Royal College of Art in London. Stefaniak's illustrative and animated work tends to be narrative, and usually explores ideas of magical realism, symbolism and psychology. Stefaniak creates original stories, and feels it is crucial that each story have an alternative sub meaning. Music, lyrics and personal experience are the main inspirations for her work, and she remains interested in collaboration with musicians and fellow artists.

Gabby keeps bothering her older sister Tam to play with her, so Tam tells her a story about a monster that lives in the forest. "Whatever you do," Tam says, "you can't let it see your face." But then her phone rings, leaving the story unfinished, so Gabby goes in pursuit of the creature by herself.

Communication Objective
The Thing Under the Tree explores that bittersweet stage of childhood, when older siblings and friends outgrow or outpace one another, and no one wants to play the games which they used to love. Through the poetic imagery of childhood make-believe, an internal struggle is revealed. The stuggle lies between the desire for control and consistency, versus the acceptance of changes in life.

Tools used
After Effects was used to remove rigs and supports from the puppet animation, to create key and pivotal effects, and to color grade. Premiere was used to edit the film.

Adobe Tools
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, Photoshop CC



Image 1 by Ana Stefaniak
Image 2 by Ana Stefaniak
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Image 5 by Ana Stefaniak
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