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Akiko Ito
California College of Arts and Crafts
Category: Print
Work title: Poop Them Out
Country: United States


Image 1 by Akiko Ito
Image 2 by Akiko Ito
Image 3 by Akiko Ito
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The messsage of this poster is anti-war and world peace. It is ridiculous that war still and always exists in the world and people need to realize how stupid that is. The war needs to disappear from the earth for the world peace. In this poster, the dove, the symbol of peace, is eating weapons and pooping out flowers, which I intended to imply peace and happiness. It claims the elimination of war and weapons is a connection and step to the peace. Creating this poster was something I can do for the world peace as a designer.

Tools used
This poster was created 75% using Adobe software products. I scanned in my hand drawing and changed the contrast and level in Adobe® Photoshop®. I opened the PICT file in Adobe Streamline and converted it to an artwork. Then I used Adobe Illustrator® to change the color and refine it.


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